Tube Compressor

This versatile compressor with integrated tube-simulation allows you to achieve smooth and warm compression effects. The VU meter shows the amount of gain reduction. Tube Compressor features an internal side-chain section that lets you filter the trigger signal.

Drive (1.0 to 6.0 dB)

Controls the amount of tube saturation.


Determines the compression amount. The higher the input gain, the more compression is applied.


Toggles between a low and a high ratio value.

Output (-12 to 12 dB)

Sets the output gain.


Keeps the bass tight and preserves its attacks by decreasing the tube saturation for lower frequencies, and adds brilliance by creating harmonics for higher frequencies.

Attack (0.1 to 100 ms)

Determines how fast the compressor responds. If the attack time is long, more of the initial part of the signal passes through unprocessed.

Release (10 to 1000 ms or Auto mode)

Sets the time after which the gain returns to its original level. If Auto Release is activated, the plug-in automatically finds the best release setting for the audio material.


Adjusts the mix between dry signal and wet signal, preserving the transients of the input signal.

In/Out Meters

Show the highest peaks of all available input and output channels.

VU Meter

Shows the amount of gain reduction.


Activates the internal side-chain filter. The input signal can then be shaped according to the filter parameters. Internal side-chaining is useful for tailoring how the gate operates.

Side-chain section

Filter Type (Low-Pass/Band-Pass/High-Pass)

If Side-Chain is activated, these buttons allow you to set the filter type to low-pass, band-pass, or high-pass.

Center (50 to 20000 Hz)

If the Side-Chain button is activated, this sets the center frequency of the filter.


If the Side-Chain button is activated, this sets the resonance or width of the filter.


Allows you to monitor the filtered signal.