Changing instruments

You can change the instruments held by players without affecting any music already entered onto their staves, for example, if your Clarinet part is very low and you want to change it to a Bass Clarinet or you want to change the tuning of a guitar.

  • You cannot change percussion kits into other instruments, you can only change individual unpitched percussion instruments.

  • You cannot change a pitched instrument into an unpitched instrument, and vice versa.

  • These steps describe changing the instrument type, not an instrument change partway through a flow.


If you want to change instruments to instruments with names in a different language, you have changed the language for instrument names.


  1. In the Players panel, expand the card of the player whose instrument you want to change.

    The card lists the instruments of the player.

  2. Hover over the label of the instrument you want to change, click the arrow that appears, and choose Change Instrument to open the instrument picker.
  3. Select the instrument you want in the instrument picker.
  4. Press Return to change to the selected instrument.


The selected instrument is changed without affecting any music on its staff.


Where appropriate, new clefs are input. This means that notes can appear differently so that they are notated correctly according to the new clef.

After Completing This Task

You can change the player order, for example, if the new instrument requires a different position according to orchestral convention.