WaveLab Pro 10.0.0

WaveLab-specific Plug-ins
WaveLab-specific plug-ins use the plug-in format of WaveLab, and cannot be used with other applications.
This plug-in is a professional sample rate converter providing exceptional transparency and preservation of the frequency content. It is only available in the Master Section.
This plug-in lets you control (modulate) the volume of clips placed on a track with the signal of one or more clips placed on the next adjacent track below it. The Ducker plug-in can only be used as a clip effect in the audio montage.
This plug-in is useful for correcting an imbalance or adjusting levels between stereo channels, or for mixing down to mono.
Leveler Multi
This plug-in takes multichannel input and applies a fader equally to all channels.
MasterRig allows you to master audio material in an intuitive and creative way. It offers high-class sound quality, accuracy, flexibility, and control.
Peak Master
This is a basic plug-in that minimizes peaks in your audio file, allowing a louder mix without clipping. It is useful in taming dynamic instruments.
RestoreRig allows you to remove noise from an audio recording with different restoration modules. The noise can be an impulsive noise (DeClicker), an ambient noise (DeNoiser), or a low tonal noise (DeBuzzer)
This plug-in provides a simple way of inserting a precise period of silence at the start or at the end of an audio file. Use this plug-in to add silence at the end of a file, so that the tail of a reverb plug-in does not cut immediately at the end of the file.
Stereo Expander
This plug-in is a stereo width enhancer that makes a stereo signal sound wider. It gives better results from real stereo material, as opposed to mono channels panned to different positions in the stereo image.
Steinberg VST 3 Plug-ins
In WaveLab there is no limitation to the use of VST plug-ins. They can be used wherever plug-ins can be inserted.
This auto-pan effect provides several parameters to modulate the left/right stereo position. You can use presets or create individual curves for the modulation waveform. AutoPan also allows for chopping effects by linking the modulation of left and right channel.
Brickwall Limiter
Brickwall Limiter ensures that the output level never exceeds a set limit.
Channel Extractor
This plug-in allows you to only keep the left or the right channel of a stereo stream.
This plug-in is a single-stage chorus effect. It doubles the audio that is sent into it with a slightly detuned version.
Compressor reduces the dynamic range of the audio, making softer sounds louder or louder sounds softer, or both.
Voxengo CurveEQ is a spline equalizer for professional music and audio production applications. CurveEQ shows the filter response you are designing by means of a spline, that is, a smooth curvy line. This way you can see how the EQ alters the sound.
DeEsser reduces excessive sibilance, primarily for vocal recordings. It is a special type of compressor that is tuned to be sensitive to the frequencies produced by the s-sound.
Distortion adds crunch to your tracks.
DualFilter filters out specific frequencies while allowing others to pass through.
EnvelopeShaper can be used to attenuate or boost the gain of the attack and release phase of audio material.
Expander reduces the output level in relation to the input level for signals below the set threshold. This is useful if you want to enhance the dynamic range or reduce the noise in quiet passages.
Frequency is a high-quality equalizer with 8 fully parametric bands. The bands can act as either shelving filter, as peak or notch filter (band-pass), or as cut filter (low-pass/high-pass).
Gating, or noise gating, silences audio signals below a set threshold. As soon as the signal level exceeds the threshold, the gate opens to let the signal through.
These graphic equalizers are identical, except for the number of available frequency bands (10 and 30).
Limiter is designed to ensure that the output level never exceeds a set output level, to avoid clipping in following devices.
L/R to M/S, M/S to L/R
This plug-in allows you to convert a stereo signal into a M/S signal and vice versa.
Magneto II
Magneto II simulates the saturation and compression of recording on analog tape machines.
Maximizer raises the loudness of audio material without the risk of clipping. The plug-in provides two modes, Classic and Modern, that offer different algorithms and parameters.
Mix6to2 lets you quickly mix down your surround mix format to stereo. You can control the levels of up to six surround channels and decide for each channel up to which level it is included in the resulting mix.
Mix8to2 lets you quickly mix down your surround mix format to stereo. You can control the levels of up to eight surround channels and decide for each channel up to which level it is included in the resulting mix.
This is a mono delay effect that can either be tempo-based or use freely specified delay time settings.
MonoToStereo turns a mono signal into a pseudo-stereo signal. The plug-in can be used on a mono file or a stereo file with equal channels.
MultibandCompressor allows a signal to be split into four frequency bands. You can specify the level, bandwidth, and compressor characteristics for each band.
MultibandEnvelopeShaper allows a signal to be split into four frequency bands. You can attenuate or boost the gain of the attack and release phase of audio material for each band.
MultibandExpander allows a signal to be split into four frequency bands. You can reduce the output level in relation to the input level for signals below the set threshold for each band. This is useful if you want to enhance the dynamic range or reduce the noise in quiet passages.
This plug-in can generate two additional voices that track the pitch of the input signal one octave and two octaves below the original pitch. Octaver is best used with monophonic signals.
This is a stereo delay effect that alternates each delay repeat between the left and right channels.
This effect allows quick and easy filtering of unwanted frequencies, creating room for the important sounds in your mix.
REVelation produces a high-quality algorithmic reverb with early reflections and reverb tail.
RoomWorks is a highly adjustable reverb plug-in for creating realistic room ambience and reverb effects in stereo and surround formats. The CPU usage is adjustable to fit the needs of any system. From short room reflections to cavern-sized reverb, this plug-in delivers high quality reverberation.
RoomWorks SE
RoomWorks SE is a smaller version of the RoomWorks plug-in. RoomWorks SE delivers high quality reverberation, but has fewer parameters and is less CPU demanding than the full version.
StereoDelay has two independent delay lines with freely specified delay time settings.
StereoEnhancer expands the stereo width of (stereo) audio material. It cannot be used with mono files.
Stereo Tools
Stereo Tools allows you to pan or position both the left and right channels independently of one another. You can use it for stereo files that you do not want to convert to mono or for fixing a problem with the stereo file, for example.
StudioChorus is a two-stage chorus effect that adds short delays to the signal and modulates the pitch of the delayed signals to produce a doubling effect. The two separate stages of chorus modulation are independent and are processed serially (cascaded).
Studio EQ is a high-quality 4-band parametric stereo equalizer. All four bands can act as fully parametric peak filters. In addition, the low and high bands can act as either shelving filters (three types) or as cut filters (low-pass/high-pass).
This utility plug-in allows you to generate an audio signal, which can be recorded as an audio file.
Tube Compressor
This versatile compressor with integrated tube-simulation allows you to achieve smooth and warm compression effects. The VU meter shows the amount of gain reduction. Tube Compressor features an internal side-chain section that lets you filter the trigger signal.
VintageCompressor is modeled after vintage type compressors.
VSTDynamics is an advanced dynamics processor. It combines three separate effects: Gate, Compressor, and Limiter, covering a variety of dynamic processing functions.
Legacy Plug-ins
Under Windows, a set of plug-ins is provided for compatibility with audio projects that referenced these effects when using earlier versions of WaveLab. An audio montage which referenced these plug-ins would otherwise require cumbersome user intervention to open, for example.
Dithering Plug-ins
Dithering plug-ins add small quantities of noise to a signal to reduce the audibility of low level distortion in a digital recording. A small amount of random noise is added to the analog signal before the sampling stage, reducing the effect of quantization errors.
Internal Dithering
This is a WaveLab-specific plug-in that provides a simple way of adding a small amount of noise to the rendered signal to improve the apparent signal-to-noise ratio of the output.
MBIT+™ Dithering
This plug-in allows you to convert and dither to 24, 20, 16, 12, or 8 bits. This is useful for mastering a track for a CD (16-bit) from a 24-bit source, for example.
UV22HR is an advanced version of Apogee's renowned UV22 dithering algorithm, capable of dithering to 8, 16, 20, or 24 bits.
External Gear
This Master Section plug-in allows you to process audio files using external hardware processors. One or more ASIO outputs are used to send the audio signal to your processor, and corresponding ASIO inputs are used to return the signal from the external processor.
Audio Input
This is a special Master Section plug-in that allows you to render a signal coming in to the inputs of a sound card together with any Master Section effects. This signal can be anything your sound card accepts, such as a feed from a mixer, a recorder, or a microphone.
Batch Processing Plug-ins
In the Batch Processor window, you can add a sequence of plug-ins that can be used to process a batch of audio files. These plug-ins can be standard plug-ins available from the Master Section, offline processes available in the Audio Editor, and plug-ins that are only available within batch processing.
Audio Analyzer
This plug-in allows you to generate text files with statistics about the audio files in a batch process.
Audio Injector
This plug-in allows you to insert an audio file at the beginning and/or end of the audio file being processed. The inserted file can also be crossfaded with the original audio file, if required.
Audio Mixer
This plug-in allows you to mix an audio file with other audio files. The mix-in happens from a specified time and can optionally be repeated at a specified interval.
DC Remover
This plug-in allows you to remove any DC Offset from an audio file.
Delay Next Process Activation
This plug-in allows you to delay the processing of the next VST plug-in in the plug-in chain for a certain time.
Fade In/Fade Out
This plug-in allows you to fade the beginning (Fade In) or the end (Fade Out) of a batch audio file. You can choose the length and shape of the fade, its duration, and the gain you want it to start/end at.
Instructor is a special utility plug-in that allows you to instruct the next plug-in in the batch with information about the audio it needs to process. This is useful for situations where you want to use monopass plug-ins that require an analysis stage that is not available at this point.
Level Normalizer
This multipass plug-in allows you to raise or lower levels so that the signal peaks exactly at the specified value just before it is converted to a file.
Loudness Meta Normalizer
This plug-in allows you to normalize a batch of files to the same loudness, while taking the EBU R-128 loudness measurement and a true peak analysis into account.
Loudness Restorer
Loudness Restorer captures the loudness at a specific point in the audio chain and restores that loudness at another point. For this reason, the Loudness Restorer must be inserted in pairs into the signal chain: one plug-in for capturing and one plug-in for restoring.
Meta Leveler
This plug-in allows you to change the level of a batch of files consistently.
This plug-in allows you to specify the duration of all audio files in the batch, and to choose whether to insert silence after the end of the chosen duration.
Stereo to Mono
This plug-in allows you to mix a stereo signal down to a mono signal while being certain not to clip while mixing channels because of the multipass approach. You can choose to use the same peak level that the stereo file contains, or set the gain to be applied and/or the maximum level to be reached in the resulting mono file.
This plug-in allows you to remove a specified duration (from 0 ms to 60 s) of audio from the head and/or tail of an audio file.