MIDI Remote

MIDI Remote allows you to integrate and use third party MIDI controllers in Cubase.

The MIDI Remote concept is based on dedicated scripts for specific MIDI controllers. These scripts establish a connection between a specific MIDI controller and Cubase, and include factory mappings to parameters.

The layout and functions of MIDI controllers with a script can be shown on the MIDI Remote tab in the lower zone of the Project window. If a script is available for your MIDI controller, all you have to do is plug in the controller, and you can start playing.

Cubase includes several MIDI controller scripts. If no script is yet available for your MIDI controller, we encourage you to create one.

The MIDI Controller Surface Editor provides you with an easy way to create your own scripts. It allows you to create a surface that describes the layout and the order of the control elements on your MIDI controller.

As an alternative for those who have some programming skills and want to dive deeper into scripting, we have created a MIDI Remote API that allows you to develop a script for your dedicated MIDI controller.