Generating Harmony Voices for Monophonic Audio

You can automatically generate harmony voices for monophonic audio.


  1. Optional: Add a chord track to your project and set it up.
  2. Select File > Import > Audio File and import a monophonic audio file.
  3. In the Project window, select the audio event.
  4. Select Audio > Generate Harmony Voices.

  5. Specify the number of voices that you want to create, enter a value for the vibrato reduction, and click OK.


The audio event is analyzed and VariAudio segments are created automatically. A copy of the event with altered pitches is created for every voice and placed on a newly created track.

  • If you added a chord track, the pitches of the resulting voices follow the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices from the chord track voicing.

  • If you work without the chord track, the generated VariAudio segments of voice number 1 (soprano) are transposed 3 semitones upwards in relation to the original audio. The segments of voice numbers 2, 3, and 4 (alto, tenor, and bass) are transposed 3, 6, and 9 semitones downwards.