Track Quick Controls

Cubase can give you instant access to up to 8 different parameters, for example, track, effect, or instrument controls. This is done with the aid of the Quick Controls, set up in the Quick Controls section of the Inspector for the corresponding track.

The Quick Controls section can be used as a kind of track control center, an area in which your most important parameters are assembled in one place. This saves you from having to click your way through the various windows and sections pertaining to your track.

Cubase also allows you to assign these Quick Controls very quickly to an external remote control device. This does not only give you manual control of your most important track parameters, but also allows you to conveniently use an external MIDI device such as a foot controller to control effect parameters.

  • Quick Control assignments are saved with the current project.

  • Since Quick Control settings are part of the track setup, you can save them as track presets, allowing you to re-use your settings across different projects.

  • You can automate the parameter settings in the Quick Controls section using the Read/Write buttons (R and W).

  • You can also assign parameters to Quick Controls in the MixConsole.