Working with MusicXML

Cubase can import and export MusicXML files.

MusicXML is a music notation format developed by Recordare LLC in 2000 that allows the representation of scores in the current symbolic representation of western music notation, which has been used since the 17th century.

With Cubase, you can import and export MusicXML files created with version 1.1. This makes it possible to share and exchange sheet music with people who are using score writing programs such as Steinberg’s Dorico, as well as Finale and Sibelius.


As the different programs do not interpret MusicXML in exactly the same way, you must usually make some manual adjustments.

MusicXML allows you to save the layout of music notation and its correct graphical representation, that is, it concerns how a piece of music should look.

The MusicXML file format can be used for the following purposes:

  • Representation and printing of sheet music

  • Exchange of sheet music between various score writing programs

  • Electronic distribution of musical scores

  • Storage and archiving of scores in an electronic format

MusicXML music data also contains elements that define how a piece of music should sound.