Spectral Editing

Spectral editing allows you to edit and process individual frequency ranges instead of the full frequency spectrum.

Spectral editing is intended for audio restoration of short time ranges. You can also process an individual frequency range via the Master Section. Spectral editing operates on a spectrum region, which is defined using one of the spectrum selection tools. The selected region is defined by a time and a frequency range. This allows you to edit and process audio both in the time domain and in the frequency domain of the selected region.

Spectral editing can consist of many different types of processing. Although it is developed for audio restoration, it can also be used for artistic purposes or special effects.

You can perform spectral editing on the left and right channels or on the mid and side channels of a stereo file.

Spectral editing comprises the following steps:

  • Defining the region that you want to edit.

  • Editing the region with the Spectrum tab by applying filter operations, by copying regions, or by sending it to the Master Section to apply effects.