Workspace Window

The Workspace window provides an editing and playback environment for each particular file type. Each environment contains functions that are tailored to the specific purpose of each file type.

  • Audio Editor for viewing and editing audio files.

  • Audio Montage window for assembling and editing audio montages.

  • Batch Processor window for processing a list of audio files with offline effects, VST plug-ins, and Master Section presets.

  • RSS Feed Editor for preparing and uploading RSS feeds.

  • DVD-Audio window for authoring DVD-Audio and writing it to DVD.

  • Script Editor for writing and executing scripts in WaveLab Pro.

  • Control Window for hosting and organizing tool windows, especially in a multi-monitor setup.

The Workspace window is highly customizable to match your workflow.

Elements of the Workspace Window

The Workspace window contains the following elements:

  • A menu bar

  • Tab groups to host the files to edit. You can move the content of a tab to another tab, create a new empty tab, display the file path, and access other functions by right-clicking.

  • A set of tool windows. Which tools are available depends on the file type you are working on. The tool windows can be activated/deactivated individually.