Export Options Dialog for MIDI Files

The Export Options for MIDI files allow you to specify what data to include in the exported MIDI files.

  • To open the Export Options for MIDI files, select File > Export > MIDI File.

Export Inspector Patch

Includes MIDI patch settings in the Inspector as MIDI bank select and program change events in the MIDI file.

Export Inspector Volume/Pan

Includes volume and pan settings in the Inspector as MIDI volume and pan events in the MIDI file.

Export Automation

Includes automation as MIDI controller events in the MIDI file. This also includes automation recorded with the MIDI Control plug-in.

If you record a continuous controller (CC 7, for example) and deactivate Read Automation for the automation track, only the part data for this controller is exported.

Export Inserts

Includes MIDI modifiers and MIDI inserts in the MIDI file.

Export Sends

Includes MIDI sends in the MIDI file.

Export Markers

Includes markers as standard MIDI file marker events in the MIDI file.

Export as Type 0

Exports a type 0 MIDI file with all data on a single track, but on different MIDI channels. If you deactivate this option, a type 1 MIDI file with data on separate tracks is exported.

Export Resolution

Allows you to set a MIDI resolution between 24 and 960 for the MIDI file. The resolution is the number of pulses, or ticks, per quarter note (PPQ) and determines the precision with which you will be able to view and edit the MIDI data. The higher the resolution, the higher the precision. Choose the resolution based on the application or sequencer to be used, because certain applications and sequencers may not be able to handle certain resolutions.

Export Locator Range

Exports only the range between the left and the right locator.

Export includes Delay

Includes delay settings you have made in the MIDI file via the Inspector.